the 14th

Zimbabwe International Film Festival

"Finding Common Ground"

Our theme “Finding Common Ground” is meant to connect us as Africans across the continent, in the Caribbean, the Pacific, Europe, the Americas and Asia. Africans in and out of the continent are constantly looking for that common ground that binds us together as a people and has been indefinable for centuries now.


African cinema plays that role of bringing us all together as a people through the portrayal of our similar histories, heritage, varying degrees of our skin colour, the African spirit and experience. To help us realise that actual we are very much the same people, that there is more that binds us together than we realise, that we have a lot of ground common to share and start a dialogue between French and English speaking Africans. Spanish, Portuguese and english speaking Africans. And African Cinema is the tool to assist us find that common ground as it has the ability to bring the world to our audience.